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Enact specific law to pick CEC, ECs

It is not legal to appoint a chief electoral commissioner or election commissioners with the recommendations of a search committee, which bypasses the country's constitution. This was stated yesterday by prominent citizens. They stated that it was regrettable that no law is in place to appoint CEC or election commissioners. However, there is a provision in the Constitution for enacting such a law. In the absence of a law, the president created search committees in 2012 to appoint commissioners and the CEC. A webinar entitled "Election Commission Recruitment Laws & Relevant Thoughts" was attended by lawyers, election experts, academics, and rights activists. It stated that such a search committee would recommend election commissioners who are "party-sycophants". The two previous election commissions were unable to fulfill their duties properly. A draft of the law was also prepared by Sushasoner Jonno Nagarik (Shujan). The draft proposes th